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The following are excerpts from Aqua Vita - The Story of Dr. John
Willard and his Breakthrough Discovery: Catalyst Altered Water by Roy M. Jacobsen

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As with most vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, etc. the FDA does not recognize Willard Water as effective treatment for any condition or illness. Willard Water does not claim to cures using Dr. Willard’s Water. All we can print is what people have said and continue to say about using Willard’s Water.

Personally, after years of using and selling and speaking with customers, we feel that Willard Water builds a better immune system and creates a better environment for healing to take place. We have had people call and email that they really believe Dr. Willard’s Water actually saved their lives. There’s no way for us to prove this. But something real is taking place in their lives, and always for the better.

NOTE: If you have edema, swelling caused by fluid in your body's tissues, please use Dr. Willard’s Water with care. With some people it helps with the edema, with a few it can cause more water to be retained.

NOTE: Use with caution when taking narcotics, sleeping pills, etc. Dr. Willard’s Water helps the body absorb more of the medicine. The normal body uses about 65% of a vitamin and the rest goes on through. When taking with Dr. Willard’s Water, the body can absorb up to 95%.

NOTE: Mix according to manufacturers’ directions, less is more in this case, it does not have to be stronger.
What people say about Willard Water and its uses.
  • Helps absorb nutrients
  • Clears up pink eye
  • Clears up itching dry eyes
  • Takes build up off of hair
  • Makes hair soft and adds sheen
  • Clears up dandruff
  • Takes the sting out of bee stings
  • Prevents peeling from sunburn
  • Heals burns faster
  • Heals cuts faster, minimizes scarring
  • Takes the pain out of burns, cuts
  • Helps eliminate toxic chemicals and heavy metals from body
  • Helps help infections faster
  • Helps with migraine headaches
  • Helps with chronic diarrhea and constipation
  • Builds the immune system
  • Helps with emphysema
  • Enhances vitamins and minerals
  • More stamina and energy
  • Helps with depression and anxiety
  • Promotes calmness
  • Relieves pain of arthritis
  • Relives joint and back pain
  • Helps heal bed sores
  • Helps control allergies
  • Acts as Antioxidant
  • Cleans wounds
  • Helps with mouth pain
  • Helps heal canker sores
  • Helps with acne, pimples
  • Helps older skin looking younger, plump out wrinkles
  • Helps with psoriasis
  • Helps with poison oak or ivy
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Help with eczema
  • Helps with cancer radiation burns, mist area
  • Use in beverages, cooking spray on food, boil or freeze
  • Use with cut flowers
  • Less stress in cattle, utilize food better, healthier herds
  • Houseplants flourish, better root system established, better absorption of nutrients
  • Less stress with cats and dogs
  • Heals hot spots on dogs
  • Use on pads of dogs for relief of cracks
  • Cleans dogs and cats ears
  • Great as conditioner on dogs coats
If there is a use that you don’t see listed here, please let us know. We love to hear from our customers.

I have used Dr.Willards water in my breeding kennel for almost 15 years. It is an excellent tool for puppies as it helps their immune systems while under their initial vaccination schedule. But the greatest asset I have found with it is with dogs with sensitive skin and or allergies. Used as a source of drinking water and sprayed on hot/itchy spots it performs MIRACLES. I have seen dogs diagnosd with severe allergies actually cured!
This is a wonderful product!