Dr. Willard's WaterŪ Testimonies

I've been using Willard Water for 4-6 weeks now.   I have several downright amazing observations.   I planted 100 trees Sunday, 4 days ago.   (I have the typical energy level and physique of a couch potato.)   I bathed Sunday night, soaking for 10-15 minutes in a tub to which I had added 1 cup of the CAW.   By Tuesday, my aches and pains were forgotten.   I wasn't SORE!   And the trees I planted, which I had dunked into the CAW, are already standing up and looking great!   They look better than the ones I planted a year ago.
I have eight dogs.   One of them, Scar (her name from a puppy injury), came home three weeks ago with a triangular tear on her chest six inches on a side, that fully exposed the muscles of her chest and shoulder.   She had lost 7 lbs from dehydration, and the wound was too old to suture.   It had to remain open, to drain, until it healed.   Scar went into the vet, intensive care, for two days.   When she got home, I began to give her, twice daily, 1 oz CAW, flush her wound with CAW, and fill the wound with Topical Gel.   Well, two days after getting out of the hospital, Scar bit me for the first time since her accident.   She was feeling better!   Within ten days, the wound had begun to close, and there is no mark where the skin has healed.   She has had no further infection, and the closure has progressed to the point where I can barely get a finger into the wound.   And she feels great!   I have to chase her all over to medicate her.
As for me - I have had to have a prescription for stomach pain for two years, because of the medication for my arthritis.   I don't have to take anything for stomach pain now.   I have ENERGY!   I'm getting things done like I could before a car accident four years ago, that caused spinal injury.   I can SLEEP!   The pain in the hips and shoulders that used to keep me awake doesn't anymore.   And if I do wake, I just spray and go back to sleep.   EVERYBODY comments that I look years younger, because my face isn't drawn from pain, and I don't stoop because my tum hurts.   And this even I can't believe...in 1989 I had a hysterectomy, when a tumor the size of a basketball was removed.   You can imagine the scar was large - the tumor had to be removed in one piece.   And the scar is disappearing!   Instead of being a bright pink thing almost an inch wide, it's as if I had marked my skin with a pencil.   And it doesn't hurt.
Yes, I'm going to continue to use Willard Water.   A lot of Willard Water.   And I'm spreading the word!
Thank you.   Deborah Unruharhelger - {[email protected]}