What's The Difference Between Clear & XXX?

One of the questions often asked about Dr. Willard's Water is, "What is the difference between the clear and the XXX?   Actually, there is very little difference.   Both products use the same ingredients and can be used interchangeably.   The difference lies in the amounts of the ingredients used, the XXX contains approximately one half the amount of the basic patented catalyst as the clear.   However, the XXX contains activated carbon, amino acid, organic trace minerals and other desirable ingredients obtained from lignite (the fossil remains of plants gown 50 million years ago.)

For diluting for human consumption or topical use:

1 ounce of clear per 1 gallon of good water, (filtered, spring, well.)

2 ounces of XXX per 1 gallon of good water, (filtered, spring, well.)

The shelf-life is unlimited, no need to be concerned about spoilage.   It can be boiled or frozen, properties remain the same.