Treatment for Crops, Agriculture

Treatment of "Sick" Soils

Too much of our fertile land has become less productive due to erosion of top soil and the poisoning of the soil through improper used of fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.

CAW Industries, Inc. has tested Dr. Willard's Water XXX on hundreds of acres on farms under normal and marginal growing conditions.

Recommended Treatment

The recommended treatment is to spread two liquid ounces of XXX per acre.   This is accomplished using a boom sprayer by mixing two concentrated ounces of XXX to each 10 gallons of water and spraying at a rate of 10 gallons of activated water per acre.   Plow the treated acreage in the usual manner.   Then plant the treated area with the crop that is to be grown in the field.   We recommend that the seed be sprayed with a solution made by adding two ounces XXX to one gallon of water.   The seeds are sprayed until they feel moist.   Mix well and in a mater of minutes, the sees will dry and can be planted or stored for future use.   Seeds may be placed in the soil and then sprayed with XXX.

Suggested directions for use of Dr. Willard's Water XXX in crops & agriculture.

For Use with Liquid Fertilizer as a Side Dressing:
Mix 3 ounces of XXX per 50 gallons of water-fertilizer solution.   The fertilizer solution should contain 1/2 the amount of fertilizer ordinarily used.

For Spraying Grain and Forage Crops as a Foliar Treatment:
Use in ratio of 2 ounces XXX per 100 gallons of water, and spray at the rate of 10 gallons per acre.

For Aerial Spraying:
Use in ratio of 4 ounces of XXX per 20 gallons of water, and spray at the rate of two gallons per acre.

For Increasing the Fertility of Damaged Soils:
Mix XXX in the proper proportions to evenly spread 1-2 ounces concentrate per acre of ground.   For example: If using a boom sprayer that delivers 10 gallons of liquid per acre, you would add 2 ounces per 10 gallons of water.   Use a stronger concentration if the soil is really sick.

If the soil and the projected crop need added fertilizer, we recommend, while using Dr. Willard's Water XXX, reducing the usual amount of fertilizer used per acre by one-half.   The Activated Dr. Willard's Water XXX will increase the intake of the fertilizer so fast that it usually burns the roots.

There are so many variables in soils and the requirement of a specific crop that it is difficult to recommend a treatment that will give the maximum results in a single treatment.