Excerpts from Aqua Vita by Roy Jacobsen - Pets, Poultry & Livestock

"Most of the original work was done with veterinarians and animals," Dr. Willard recalled.   "I was fortunate enough to find a man that was very competent and very open-minded."   This man was Gene Wheeler, D.V.M., of Sturgis, South Dakota. After a long discussion with Dr. Willard, Dr. Wheeler agreed to give CAW some tests.

"My first trials involved spaying dogs," said Dr. Wheeler.   "I would use it as a cleaner, and when done would spray the incision after closure.   Two notable facts were observed: reduced inflammation and a definite reduction of capillary hemorrhage.   No side effects were observed."   Dr. Wheeler conducted several other experiments with both the Willard Water clear and the Willard Water XXX, which became available about that time.   In every case, definite benefits were noted, and at no time did he observe any undesirable side effects.

Dr. Wheeler also used the water in conjunction with various water-based antibiotics.   "It definitely appeared that there was a synergistic action as the response of the patient was, in most cases, quite dramatic.   Recovery appeared to be much more rapid,' he said.

Besides using the water on wounds and incisions and with the antibiotics, Dr. Wheeler tried using CAW XXX in the drinking water for calves undergoing the stress of shipping and suffering "shipping fever."   He said, "Three things were noted in these cases: the calves continued to drink water, or if they were off water, returned to drinking water quite readily; second, dehydration was resolved more quickly; third, besides going back on feed more easily, they appeared to have a tranquil attitude.   This is very hard explain, but it was very evident and could not be denied."

Dr. Wheeler continued by saying, "As far as I am concerned as a practitioner, CAW is very useful in practice.   The advantages numerous, side effects and disadvantages are none.   At no time have I found any side effects by using Catalyst Altered Water topically, intramuscularly or intravenously."

Another factor having a great impact on animal health is stress.   In private communications from veterinarians they have stated that probably 75 to 80 percent of all animal diseases are due to stress.   Stress is any change in conditions that is not good for the animal's well being.   Stress can result during severe exercise, after loss of blood, in severe pain, during emotional excitement (as in racehorses, etc.), exposure to extreme heat or cold, etc.," said Dr. Willard.   Because Willard Water reduces the impact stress has on the body, it increases the body's ability to cope with less-than-ideal conditions.

Michele Sanfilipps works with animal training, education and nutrition with her business, Cordial Canines, in Long Beach, CA.   She says she added Willard Water to her product listing of all natural alternatives to chemical products and health-building foods and supplements.

"Winter, my 4-year-old sheltie, was born with some nutritional deficiencies, a general infection, extreme toxicity and a related glandular imbalance.   Results were a nervous and unstable condition with lethargy and skin and coat problems.   I have worked with him since he was four months old through natural methods and -twice, when desperate, have sought medical advice, which did nothing to improve his condition.   Natural methods slowly brought improvement, she says.   But she didn't feel that she was getting to the root of the problem, until she tried Willard Water.

Now, she reports, "I have really been able to tackle the problem and see real healing take place.   Winter is more stable now with skin and coat improving daily.   He has, in the past five weeks, become more alert, gained a spring in his step with an increased front leg extension, his digestion is more efficient, he is able to eat -more without gaining weight due to an increased metabolism, the red lines in the whites of his eyes are almost gone now and he no longer moans when I touch him around his middle.

Sanfilippo has also had tremendous success with her cat.   "Ali, my three-year-old kitty, was ill when I picked her up as a kitten from a cat protection society.   She was nutritionally deficient and filled with mucus from an untreated upper-respiratory problem. She also had a spacey look in her mucky-green colored eyes.   Through natural care she has healed nicely, including her eyes which are now clear green and expressive.

Willie, a two-year old house cat in Detroit, Michigan, was slowly dying of feline leukemia, despite $1100 in veterinary treatment.   Her owner, Josephine Smith, nursed him through 108 degree fevers, and was determined to see Willie recover.   Finally, when everyone except for herself had given up hope, Mrs. Smith started treating Willie with Dr. Willard's Water.

According to Mrs. Smith, two days later the fever broke, and the swelling of his spleen and liver went down.   Soon he was eating "everything that wasn't nailed down."

These examples have only scratched the surface of the pets, poultry and livestock uses people have discovered for Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water.