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Why pay more?
Guaranteed the original Dr. Willard's Water concentrate.
Not a knock-off or imitation.
Made and shipped from the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Factory Direct Containers - not repackaged

All prices include shipping, priority mail or UPS for case lots, continental US.

We no longer ship internationally as we were having problems with the box reaching it's destination.

These prices include USPS priority shipping/handling.
1 gallon orders now ship by UPS
Item No.DescriptionPrice
W200(1)16 oz. Clear, (1) 16 oz. XXX$55.00
W20116 oz. XXX$29.00
W20216 oz. Clear$36.00
W203(2) - 16 oz. Clear$62.00
W204(2) - 16 oz. XXX$50.00
W205(4) - 16 oz. Clear$114.00
W206(4) - 16 oz. XXX$78.00
W207(2) - 16 oz. Clear & (2) 16 oz. XXX$102.00
W2091 gal. Clear$150.00
W2101 gal. XXX$102.00
WWEB4 oz. empty travel bottle
(must be ordered with water)
WWSP8 oz. empty spray bottle
(must be ordered with water)

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Prices include UPS shipping/handling.
Item No.DescriptionPrice
W211(12) 4 oz. Clear$ 76.00
W212(12) 4 oz. XXX$ 62.00
W213(12) 16 oz. Clear$213.00
W214(12) 16 oz. XXX$158.00
W215(4) gal. Clear$341.00
W216(4) gal. XXX$242.00

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