The Famous Sturgis Beef Jerky
Made in Sturgis, South Dakota

It all started back in the early 1940's when John & Bob Gapp started a meat packing plant, processing only deer.  They eventually broadened out to include beef.  The recipe for the now world famous Sturgis Beef Jerky was actually stumbled across quite by accident.  The duo were experimenting with different seasoning formulas, and lo and behold, they hit upon something very special.  The people loved it and kept coming back for more saying, "it's the best jerky they'd ever tasted."   Suddenly the special recipe became shrouded with secrecy, known only to John & Bob.  To this day, Sturgis Bear Butte Brand Beef Jerky is considered the best there is.

The jerky is made strictly from tender boneless top round beef, all which is Federally inspected at a South Dakota processing plant.   With over 50 years of experience and the very specific requirments imposed, every batch comes out with flavor and consistency unsurpassed by none.

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00312 - 2.5 oz. regular flavor - 30 oz.$40.00
00412 - 2.5 oz. peppered - 30 oz.$40.00
00512 - 2.5 oz. Teriyaki - 30 oz.$40.00
0066 - 5 oz. Bar-B-Que Strips - 30 oz.$40.00

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Shipping & Handling (In U.S. only) for Priority Mail: for 1 box: $6.75
for 2 boxes: $8.50
3 or more boxes will ship UPS, please inquire about rate.

Secure Ordering