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April 2001
I received my 36D yesterday morning and 24 hours later I had caught 6 feral cats at my property.   This device is totally amazing.   It is extremely functional and humane.   This purchase has exceeded my expectations so far.   Thanks for the good service.
Julio Tomeu
Miami Beach, FL

April 2001
I run a spay/neuter program in Bimini, Bahamas.   We have to ship everything to the island and use a temporary clinic as our base.   Your folding traps were the perfect trap for us.   I have to completely break down and set up our clinics each time.   With the old traps, they had to be stored outdoors, exposed to rain, salt and sun.   Now, I just break the traps down and can store them inside, no more rusty, stiff traps!   I was concerned about the strength of the traps, since all our dogs are feral and not very happy to be in a trap.   My fears we unfounded, the traps worked great, no escapes or bent bars!   I have recommended your company to a group in Mexico that is just starting a program like ours.   Again, it will be the perfect solution!   Please, NEVER stop making the folding trap! It is easy to set up and break down and I can store 5 traps in the space of one conventional trap!   Organizing these clinics is hard enough, so anything that makes our job easier is worth every dime!!   Thank You!!
Consie von Gontard
"Just Another Spay in Paradise"
The Bimini Love Program, All Paws Rescue

April 2001
Just had to let you know that your traps are the greatest!   I already own a 30D and have used it successfully to trap a small family of feral cats living too close to a heavily trafficked area--the 36D I have on order will be used to get their more devious big brother.
On my first attempt to catch them, another standard commercial trap (with metal sides that snap inward upon triggering) was used with horrible results: In his frantic efforts to escape, the 8-month old kitten of the group managed to slice muscles above his eye on a concealed piece of metal.   Luckily, the surgery to repair the damage was successful and today, Squirt, (I just had to keep him after that!) is fully recovered and adapting nicely to his new home.   Needless to say, I felt horrible...and incredibly stupid that I did not more carefully examine the device I was using.   I naively believed that because its manufacturer referred to it as a "humane" trap, it had to be so.   The difference between it and your trap is so dramatic that just putting the two side by side automatically reinforces your product's superiority.
Thank you again for a wonderful product!!
Patricia Gangloff
Torrington, CT

April 2001
We received or 30LT trap on the 15th or 16th.   It worked GREAT!   After the third night of having the trap set, we finally caught the little devil of a cat (a stray) that was spraying our backyard with his terrible smelling spray.   He was not neutered and continuously marked our patio as his own territory.   After almost a year of having to clean up after this cat, and fixing the damaged areas on our patio, we can finally clean and repair for the last time!   The trap allowed us to safely transport him to the vet and get him FIXED!   Thanks again for the great product!
Tod Thomen
Santa Ana, CA

April 2001
I just thought I would let you know that I have been using a 36D trap that I bought from you a couple of months ago. It works great, I can't even tell you how many skunks and raccoons I have trapped! My father and I own some land that we pheasant, duck and goose hunt on. The birds have a hard time raising their young because the skunks and raccoons are everywhere and manage to destroy their nests. I have been using wet cat food for bait and it has proven irresistible to the ringtails and the black and whites.
Thank you,
Garth Simkins
Cheyenne, WY

April 2001
I just wanted to let you know, the trap works beautifully.   We could see the advantage of the trigger mechanism.   The trip plate is reversed from the other trap we have used in the past and the trigger is easier to trip.   We set it out last night to capture a pregnant feral cat in a colony we care for and when we checked it this morning, our little calico mama was there.   She was a little scared but there was plenty of room to move around if necessary.
Again, you have a well designed trap, and thank you for getting it to us quickly.   I will spread your name around and will brag on you for quite a while.
Thanks again.
Walter and Donna Rogers
Valrico, FL

Dear Tru-Catch,
I purchased one of your traps on Sept. 2, 1999.   It was a model R-24.   I found this trap very easy to use and very efficient.   We have been using it on 6 different properties.   I bought the trap because we had a skunk "stinking up" the area next to our bedroom.   I had figured I would catch one or two skunks and that would be the end of the problem.   Boy, was I fooled.   In the 9 months we have had the trap at this location we have trapped 23 opossums and 32 skunks.   Note: All the opossums and skunks were relocated in a designated open space area.
I think you make a great product!
Bob Gunthorp
Chula Vista, CA

I was blessed with a neighbor who wouldn't stop his dog from roaming, despite my repeated requests to him.   Every single day I would find parasite-laden excrement in my yard or meet up with this sadly neglected animal who would bare his teeth at me and my dogs.   Despite numerous phone calls, the local animal control officer did nothing to end this situation, and after my dogs contracted kennel cough (presumably from his dog) I bought a Tru-Catch (42 Homesteader Deluxe).   It was easy to both set up and store, and after three trappings and three summonses, the neighbor finally "got the message".   Now he keeps his dog indoors, the yard is clean, and the problem stopped-- without any animals being injured.   As someone who is applying to vet school next year, I can honestly say that this product is completely safe, humane, and effective.
M. Nelson

Dear Heart of the Earth:
Last August I ordered the Tru-Catch Trap: 36D Classic Deluxe.   We were being visited by unwanted raccoons who would venture onto our backyard deck and eat our birdseed from our four different feeders.   Since we feed the birds sunflower seeds and these raccoons guzzled these seeds down like vacuum cleaners on a living room rug, I decided to try and "trap" these guys and transport them miles and miles away.
I searched on "traps" on the web and came across your website.   I read the write-up on several types of traps you offer.   I compared these traps to others offered by other dealers on the web.   I decided to order from you.

Since the raccoons loved the sunflower seeds, I decided to "bait" them with seed.  I set the trap on the deck and proceeded to go to sleep on the family room couch (which overlooks the deck).   I was awakened at 1:00 A.M. by a "rattling" noise.   I turned on the outside light to see a 25 pound raccoon caught inside the trap.   I put on leather gloves, my coat and put "Racky" and cage in the backseat of my car.   Drove many, many miles away and released him by a river bank way out in the country.

I reset the trap the next night, went to sleep and was promptly awakened around midnight by the same "rattling" noise.   I turned on the outside light on the deck and saw a 35 pound raccoon caught.   He really filled up the height and width of that cage!   All around the cage were five other raccoons trying to get at the sunflower seed inside the trap.   One raccoon even jumped up on the top of the cage but the fellow trapped inside chased him off.   The other raccoons didn't even seem to care that their friend was trapped.  They just wanted the food inside!!

I carted him off and reset the trap the following night.   Around 11:30 PM. I was awakened by a lot of high-pitched "jabbering" going on out on the deck!   I was tired by the end of this week but I was very pleased with the results of your trap.   I've been meaning to tell you the happy outcome for a long time now.   I came across the receipt for this trap just yesterday and I set it aside to remind me to write to you and thank you for a wonderful trap that was so easy to use.   I love the "Deluxe" version of the trap simply because I can stand at one end of it, roll it over onto it's top, and the trap door automatically opens on the other side of the trap.  "Racky" sees he's free and scuffles off safely into the underbrush.

That trap now sits quietly down my basement awaiting any other raccoons who decide to visit my house this coming summer.  On your invoice you wrote me: "Thanks! And good luck!".  I just had to write you to say:  "Thanks for the wonderful trap that did such a wonderful job at catching and transporting my 'Rackies' to a new home"!

Danny Schmanny
Concord Township, Ohio

Dear Heart of the Earth Market:
Thank you for the two Tru-Catch Traps #30 LTD I ordered a month ago.  I finally got around to setting up the easy setup traps (one in my front yard and one in the back) and I set them up last night at 12:30am.

I have security cameras around my house with both video and audio and left the audio turned up on my monitor in my bedroom so I could hear any commotion.  I turned the front porch light off, set the trap, applied the bait, and went to bed.   At around 2:20am, I heard a rustling on my monitor and went downstairs and opened the front door.   There in the trap was a very BIG gray cat (No collar or tag).   I brought the trap inside (I had ordered the handle guard with the trap for protection and it worked!) And put it in the garage until the morning when I would turn the cat in.

Thank you very much for these wonderful traps. They're easy to set up, great design, easy to let the animal out, and definitely hold them in there! Here's what I did to catch the stray cats (there's about 5 coming over to my house to party all night - now there are 4!)

I went to the grocery store and bought 1 spray bottle, apple cider (to eliminate the human scent), some beige colored long rubber mats (like liners for the cupboard- 2' x 5'), and chicken gizzards and hearts!   I have rubber surgical type gloves and used them to bait the traps. I took a skillet, 1/2 cup of water, and browned the gizzards and the hearts.   I then set the traps and did like you said and put some chicken parts on the trap stand, some just inside the door, and some a few feet from the trap! PRESTO! I bagged my first lion!

I was sick and tired of cleaning up the cat poop and hearing the meowing moaning groaning of the "Cat Pack".   It's great to know Tru-Catch Traps works so easily and effortlessly and so quickly!   Thanks again for the traps and feel free to use my letter for more positive feedback!


Fletcher R. Corey
Las Vegas, Nevada

My name is Jeff Voelker and I own a pest control business in Omaha, Nebraska.   I deal mainly with vertebrate pests and therefore my main tool is the live trap.   I recently was introduced to your live traps at a local humane society and was very impressed with them.   I like the way the door mechanism works, making it easy to humanely relocate animals.   I have not been able to find these traps in Omaha, and had never even seen them before.   I am writing to get some information about the pest control supplies...............Thanks
Jeff Voelker

We have just rented one of your traps from a rental agency here in Boise, Idaho to trap a nasty cat!   It worked!!! Since we have a problem with stray cats every now and then, we decided it might be a good idea to do some inquiring about the cost of purchasing one of your traps instead of having to rent one each time.   Can you please send us information
Thanks for your help,
Ann L. Couch

Thanks for producing a great cage trap.   I like the complete set-up of this product.   I just purchased a #36 for the simplicity of it alone.   Please send all info of your full line of traps
.........Thanks again,
Tom Moote

I recently used a trap that a friend of mine owned to trap rabbits.  The trap was a model 30 tru-catch trap.   It worked very well. I would like some information on this trap as well as others you may have.
Thank you very much,
O. E. Bennett, Chesapeake, VA

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