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For use after surgery, has a guillotine door on one side of cage for trap or carrier, the entire top opens for easy cleaning.   Also available is a trap isolator for easy cleaning and a recovery cage tray.

Size: 40" x 17" x 24"
Weight: (recovery cage) 30 lbs.
Weight of Set: (recovery cage, isolator and tray) 46 lbs.
Construction: 1/4" steel frame - 14 gauge 1" x 1" wire mesh.

5 year warranty against animal damage.
Complies with State and Federal humane ordinances.
Powder-coated brown finish for low visibility and long life.
Very good for domestic animals.
Lay-down, heavy-duty handle, large enough for winter mittens.
Unique self-locking, positive-catch door lock.
Animal cannot back out once trip is activated.
High-tempered locking rings on door catch.
Extra heavy-duty, variable trigger setting mechanism.
Steel frame featuring machine-made framing.
Easy to camouflage, set and chain and lock to a stationary object.
Ideal for transporting animals.
All weather features make this trap ideal for snow or water conditions.
Turn trap upside down and door will automatically open for release.
Durable for stacking, shipping, and storage.
Praised by police departments, animal control center, humane societies, and fish and game authorities.

Please check your traps often, once every hour is recommended.   In hot weather, make sure the trap is in the shade.