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Helpful Links

Alley Cat Allies
The national feral cat network is a nonprofit organization promoting humane methods to reduce the population of feral cats.

Doing Things For Animals
A nonprofit humane organization for the purpose of education and charity through communication, research and service.

Maddie's Fund
Maddie's Fund provides grants for new or expanded no-kill programs. is a collection of 8 sub-sites which covers: Canine reproduction and cytology; Information for pet owners on topics such as diseases, vaccinations, emergency first aid, parasites, and behavior; Electron microscopy; An ACL surgery slide show; Physiological reference values; a Whole foods website discussing diet & nutrition; and a Roaming Dogs website containing downloadable resources to stop roaming dog behavior.

Dr. Willard's Water
Promotes healing aid after spay/neutering.   Also for skin conditions and animal stress.

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