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TRU-LATCH / Gate Closer

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Steel Post Puller
A simple solution for a century old farming headache.   Manufacturing Systems, Inc.   (MSI) has truly brought innovation, simplicity and just darn good common sense with the development of the TRU-LATCH gate closer.   Made of steel, the latch offers you an easy way to open and close barbed wire and any other type of gates without strain, stress or torn clothing.
The TRU-LATCH can be easily operated by both women and children or while riding horseback. Remember, there is only one TRU-LATCH, another product by MSI.

* Made of high quality steel - 1 Year Product Warranty.
* Simple and easy installation to fence post structure.
* Lengthens fence life.
* SECURITY -- TRU-LATCH Model #234 design enables easy padlock installation.

Box of 6 units

shipping weight per 6 units 34 lbs.
The simple solution for those hard to get posts.   Made of steel, the Post Puller offers you an easy way to get out those steel posts without a tractor or other heavy equipment.

* Simple to use.
* Lightweight for easy transporting.
* Folding for easy storage.
* Made of high quality steel with 1 year warranty.
* Time saver.
* Use short strokes, don't, push handle below horizontal, as that will bend the "Grab Hook" on the puller.

$37.00 ea.
shipping weight ea. 12 lbs.


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